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Upper Back Massage
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Welcome to the
Oak Tree Therapy

supporting your
physical & mental wellbeing

Pain & Injury

Tension & aching

Neck pain & stiffness

Restricted movement

Upper back pain

Piriformis syndrome

Lower back pain

Hamstring strains

Plantar fasciitis


Low mood

Sleep issues

and more

My name is Jo and I run a Soft Tissue Therapy Clinic in Offord Cluney, Huntingdon.

Soft Tissue Therapy is designed to manage and rehabilitate the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body, to help support problems with pain, injury, aching and tension.   

With the added bonus of helping my clients de-stress and relax!

Your mental and physical health has never been so important, so taking time out to 'be kind to yourself' shouldn't be a luxury, but a necessity.


The treatment sessions are built to meet your needs, there is no set structure.  But essentially, we will use massage and movement to support your problem, and then discuss some ideas for you to work with at home.  We are also happy to provide an entire session of massage for relaxation, to help reduce anxiety or stress, or simply for a little self care.   

Whatever you book in for, we offer a warm, comfortable, and friendly environment. 

The Treatment Room

I am located in the lovely village of Offord Cluney, near Huntingdon.


The treatment room on the first floor with easy access for clients, and adequate parking.  

Please be aware that there is a dog on site.  The dog does not enter the treatment room but please be mindful if you have allergies.


Contact Details

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Mobile: 07889 738 230

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