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Treatment Sessions

Individual Session £50

Soft Tissue Therapy uses a number of methods including massage, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques and mobilisations to help you get back on your feet. 

Each individual session will include a full consultation and assessment.  If you are booking in for a therapeutic session, this will be very brief.  This is followed with the treatment of your choice, and rehab advice to do at home if required. 

Each session is 60 minutes long.

Back Massage

Injury & Pain Management

60 mins

Helping people with minor musculoskeletal issues including injury and pain. 

The session will involve the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of your injury or pain, which generally involves manual therapy, movement, exercise prescription and guidance.  

Shoulder Massage

Sports Massage

60 mins

Providing a sports massage service for anyone who is experiencing soreness and aching from their physical activity, from novice to professional. 

We leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed ready to get back to it by soothing your muscles and calming down the nervous system.  

Head Massage

General Massage

60 mins

You can of course book in simply because you need a really good massage!

Massage therapy is proven to have a positive effect on mental wellbeing, supporting people with stress, anxiety and depression. 

We provide a safe and caring environment for a relaxing and calming experience.   

Person centred care is the priority, so treatment sessions are built with your needs and wishes in mind. 

Massage is a therapeutic, safe and effective method of caring for your soft tissues.  Sports massage should never be painful, we always work within the limits of your comfort threshold.  

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